Cockroach in the Kitchen from a cockroach infestation

Cockroach In The Kitchen

Cockroach In The Kitchen

This cockroach video clip was taken on a job a few years ago. It was reported that there was a cockroach in the kitchen. The purpose of this blog was to demonstrate how quickly a single female can create a major cockroach infestation. We attended the job after a report of a single cockroach was seen. Immediately on doing the survey We knew we were dealing with more than one as I found around 4 or 5 whilst doing an inspection. Although it was seen in the Kitchen I found one in the bathroom. It just goes to show how important the survey is at the start of the treatment and you should never just listen to what the tenant has seen.

Cockroach Treatment.

We set out some gel baits strategically placed to deal with the infestation. Also a large amount of insect monitors with an allure to attract the cockroaches were placed in all the rooms of the house. This was to ensure the infestation had not spread throughout the house. Lots of monitors were placed in the kitchen and bathroom to identify numbers and where the main area of infestation was.

The German Cockroach

The clip shows a German Cockroach that has dropped its ootheca (egg sack) on a sticky insect monitor. The ootheca contains many eggs and it gradually hardens into a strong, protective casing. The German cockroach carries it until the eggs are ready to hatch and then it drops it as can be seen in the clip below. If you can imagine all those young escaping off into the kitchen if it was not on this insect monitor. That would be about 30 new additions to the cockroach infestation all from one female. This highlights the importance of reporting quick because if the second generation were left then all of a sudden you have hundreds of cockroaches running around.

We do get some landlords that sit on this problem for a month or two. They think it will go away by itself with some cleaning by the tenant. By the time they call pest control it is a serious infestation, remembering they are a public health pest. If this is the case the treatment will take a lot longer and the cost greater so wise to sort it quickly.

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