Annual Service Contracts

Rodents often infiltrate commercial properties, looking for warmth, food and shelter. This can have a devastating affect and cause a large amount of damage to materials and products, especially if you are a business that handles food. Without swift treatment, the potential financial burden they can place upon a business can be significant! The loss of stock or contaminated food produce and the damage that animal infestations pose to a company’s public image can be disastrous.

More importantly it is an offence to knowingly harbour rats in commercial properties. In food premises this contamination could even result in your business’ prosecution under stringent food safety legislation.

At Pest-Tech we encourage a proactive approach to pest control and offer an Annual Service Contract that will assist you in protecting your home or business. A free survey is carried out to asses the building, the activities carried out and the surrounding environment. A solution will then be offered which will involve regular visits determined by you to carry out planned pest management. The contract will be built around your needs and can include bolt on services where required. The contracts offered are clear and easy to understand with no hiden costs to deliver a service to protect your building or work place.

All our contracts come with full documentation and safety data that can be embedded into any existing health and safety policy and satisfy any type of health and safety or environmental inspection. Each visit is documented and recommendations and advice is given to maintain high standards of pest control.

We can also offer the same service for your home but once again the contract will be built around your requirements