Business Pest Control Contracts

Pests can infiltrate commercial properties looking for warmth, shelter and food. A pest infestation can have a devastating effect on your reputation and damage materials and products. Particularly if you are in the food industry, pests can contaminate food and result in legal repercussions and is costly. However, with an annual business pest control contract, you can eliminate and prevent rodents and insects from affecting your business.

Key Features Of Our Pest Control Contracts

British Retail Consortium. Pest-Tech works with companies to gain their BRC Certification, especially within the food industry.

Bespoke Contracts. We work with you to deliver tailored Service Contracts that fulfil your needs. 

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Annual Pest Control Service Agreement with Pest-Tech

If you have ever experienced a pest infestation in your home or business, you will understand the importance of preventative and proofing measures. Whether you own a multi-million-pound company, a small B&B, a farm or an SME, protection against pests is essential. At Pest-Tech, we provide an annual service agreement in which we will ensure your property stays safe, pest free and protected. Below we will discuss the reasons and the benefits of why you need a commercial pest control service agreement. 

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What is a Commercial Pest Control Contract? 

The fundamentals of a pest control contract are to protect your business from the damages and risks of pests. Pests can take many forms, such as mice, rats, wasps, birds or cockroaches. Regardless of the specific animal or insect, they will spread disease and damage inventory or belongings. This contract provides the tools and workforce to keep your business free from all pests. 

Firstly, we will identify if you have a pest problem through the use of tracking equipment. Once this rodent or insect activity has been confirmed, we will implement effective solutions to exterminate this infestation. 

Most of our commercial contracts are for rodent infestations, rats or mice. Therefore our method of choice is the use of bait, traps and UV dye to track and monitor rodents’ activity. Another common occurrence within commercial settings is an abundance of small insects. Additionally, we would install insect monitors so we could trace entry points. All of our installed solutions are regularly checked to ensure efficient resolutions and client satisfaction.

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Why Do I Need A Commercial Pest Control Contract? 

A pest control contract protects your business in the event of an infestation. It will keep you, your staff and visitors safe, protect your machinery and ensure no chance of contamination. Other reasons include the following: 


As a business owner, you are not legally obligated to have a pest control contract, but you do need to keep your premises free from pests. Under The Prevention of Damage by Pest Act 1949, the local authorities have the power to inspect your property to ensure it is vermin free. In addition, the authorities could enforce penalties such as fines or forced closure of the business if compliance is not met. Contamination could even result in business prosecution under stringent food safety legislation.

Therefore, a pest control contract is beneficial, especially if you are within the food and hospitality sector. Having something in place shows due diligence and ensures fast action in the event of an outbreak. Our technicians are also aware of any changes to legislation, and we can promise that every job follows the law.  


Word travels fast, and if a customer or client spots a rodent in your warehouse, this could damage your reputation. Furthermore, with social media being many people’s port of call for negative reviews, your business could suffer catastrophic publicity. This proactive approach to pest control ensures your business is mitigating the potential risk of disease and damage. 

Peace of Mind 

Our thorough level of commitment means that your business will stay pest free. In addition, we will provide a safe and secure working place and ensure your reputation does not suffer. 

Agricultural animals are vulnerable to ticks, flies and mosquitos. However, with a reliable contract in place, you can be satisfied that they are protected and will not suffer. If you own a farm with livestock and want to learn more, call our team today at 01622 296055

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What Does Pest-Tech’s Commercial Contract Include? 

Our business pest control contracts include the full package from pest-proofing, pest-prevention and extermination. As members of the BPCA, which is the governing body for pest control, our service is extremely professional and follows the rules set out. 

At Pest-Tech, we encourage a proactive approach to pest control by offering a bespoke Annual Service Contract. Our team will take some time to understand your specific requirements, industry standards and overall business functions. This allows our team to provide the highest possible service based on your niche needs. Additionally, once the layout, size of your site and frequency of visits have been identified, we will issue a quote based on our recommendations. 

Quotes and Pricing 

We understand that you will be looking around for other quotes, which is completely understandable. We recommend this so you can be sure you are choosing the company which is the perfect fit for you. Look for testimonials and references from previous clients, as this is the best way to understand the work ethic and execution of contracts. Just remember, the cheapest quote will not always be the best. Choose the company that understands your needs and can deliver the service you deserve, and it will be a great partnership. 

Our Service 

At Pest-Tech, we have full liability insurance and report on all of our visits for full accountability. In addition, we can embed all of our data into existing health and safety policies to provide comprehensive reporting for health and safety inspections. As a result, you can be sure that the service you receive from us will be professional, effective and discreet. Our friendly team of professionals will be available anytime, and we are just a phone call away. We will also check in with you regularly via courtesy calls to ensure you are happy with your service thus far and to see if there is anything else we can help you with. 

We can extend these annual pest control contracts to domestic properties too. So get in touch today, and we can organise your free home survey and provide a proactive and bespoke plan. 

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Looking To Book An Appointment? 

If you would like more information on Commercial Pest Control Contracts, please get in touch today! Call us at 01622 296055 or email us at to book your free survey. Our expert technicians will provide a complete quote breakdown and explain our commercial pest control services from start to finish for full transparency.