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Most people have experienced a fleabite in their lifetime, as fleas invade any home regardless of how clean you keep your house. It is a common myth that fleas infest untidy homes, as this is not the case. Please do not feel embarrassed if you have a flea infestation as they can enter your home on guests, pets and many other ways. Once they are in the home they are very difficult to eliminate with DIY products due to the longevity of the flea life cycle. The eggs are impenetrable and by the time you realize you have fleas they have already laid eggs around your home.

Fleas are attracted to heat vibration and movement which to them indicates a food source. They will feed on a source and then lay some eggs and so the process starts. It is difficult to see fleas, due to their small size but you normally become quickly aware of their presence after receiving a flea bite. Fleas breed rapidly and need immediate professional treatment, as an infestation can become unbearable to live with.
Most of our customers have spent vast amounts of time and money attempting to rid their home or office of fleas to little success. This is likely due to the longevity of the flea life cycle, as flea cocoons can lay dormant for up to 2 years!
You can do some self help by giving the areas a good hovering but remember to empty the hoover bag outside afterwards and the most obvious one is to regularly carry out a flea treatment on your pets. Just because they do not have fleas, does not mean you should stop treating them as this is when they become most vulnerable.

If you have a flea infestation and you would like to talk about having a treatment carried out then please give Pest-Tech a call today.



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