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Pest-Tech Ltd is a pest management company delivering pest control in Maidstone and across Kent. We offer our services to both the domestic home and commercial business, for single treatments or long-term pest control contracts.

Using our services you will be totally protected. All our technicians are RSPH Level 2 qualified and all our work is insured. We deliver professional services, so you can feel safe at home or work place.

Domestic Pest Control. Pest-Tech, Pest Control Maidstone

Domestic Pest Control Maidstone.

We never compromise on safety. We make sure you, your family, your children and your pets feel safe. We ensure all our treatments are carried out with you in mind and in accordance with current regulations and legislation for pest control.

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Commercial Pest Control Maidstone

Pest-Tech Ltd can protect your reputation, by preventing contamination, disease and damage to your business and stock. We look after you and your staff, so get in touch and put your pest problems in the hands of the professionals.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels | Pest-Tech

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Pigeons living under solar panels bring all sorts of problems. These can range from early morning noises and mess issues to the more serious issues, such as an infestation of bird mite to the home or office.

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Bird Proofing

Our bird proofing services cover all the usual bird control methods. We deal with bird spiking, bird netting and pin and wire to name but a few. We carry out surveys and advise on the best methods within your budget. We also carry out guano removal.

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Annual Service Contracts

Annual Service Contracts assist in protecting your home or business. Each contract is bespoke to your requirements and will typically involve regular visits, determined by you, to carry out planned pest management.

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Clearance & Proofing

Our clearance work includes removal of soiled insulation from a rat infested loft. We also undertake all manner of proofing tasks from fitting drain gates to fitting vent covers to stop rodents making entry to your building.

Pest Control Problems You May Encounter

The identification of insects and other pests by phone or email is very hard.

Need to know what kind of bug or rodents are in your house?
Here is a brief intro from each:

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You will usually encounter rat pest problems during certain times of the year, as the weather can affect their numbers and homes. 

Usually rats choose to live in fields or outdoors, but with the increase in rain and cold weather they will choose to find more suitable home and food source, sheds, homes, business premises are common places to find them as it’s dry and warm.

If you suspect you have a rat problem, please call Pest-Tech as soon as possible.

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Mice usually migrate due to their nests getting water logged, building works or lack of food sources.

When looking for a new home, mice are opportunists and very inquisitive so they can turn up in the most unusual places, but they will always pick up a scent for food so the kitchen is a common visiting place.

If you are seeing mouse droppings about around the building then give us a call.

wasp nest | Wasp nest removal Kent


Wasps start appearing in the summer months from late June onward, when the queen has laid her first batch of little workers and they are starting to build their nests.

Wasps can be aggressive if they feel threatened and so will attack with a sting if they think they are at risk. That includes around their nest, so care must be taken if you are going near a wasp nest.

We recommend that you stay away and call a professional in to deal with them, we are always here to help.

flea treatment | Bed bug removal and treatment


Fleas are normally introduced to a home from a pet cat or dog, they can be very frustrating and feeling them bite is very uncomfortable.

Fleas reproduce very quickly, the eggs are impenetrable and it is heat vibration that encourages the egg to hatch as they know a food host is present. We are experts in flea treatments and resolving flea infestations so you don’t have to.

Call today and once we know how many rooms you have we can give you a quote.

Squirrel | Pest Control Maidstone


It is good to see squirrels out in the wild where they belong, however when they decide to get into a loft space the problems will begin.

Squirrels do so much damage through their constant gnawing, this can be timber joist supporting the roof or electric wiring in the loft causing electrical faults or even electrical fires.

If you have squirrels running around your loft space, then give us a call and we can remove them.

Bed bugs on bed | Bed bug removal and treatment

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can be transmitted from person to person very easily, however once you have taken them home they can very quickly become a major problem.

The bed bugs can feed and then lay eggs and before you know what’s happening you have an infestation, which is why we recommend you act fast to get the problem under control.

If you see any black spotting on the bed anywhere, see a bed bug in a crack or crevice or have blood marks on the sheet then give us a call.

Mole hills in the garden | Pest control service contract

Garden Moles

Moles can ruin a garden in no time at all if it is a new infestation. Moles are solitary and only come together to mate. They have to eat there body weight in worms daily, which means they patrol their tunnels every few hours.

It is not very easy to catch a mole in a trap however my technicians are trained to do the job quickly so minimum damage is caused to your lawn.

If you need help with your mole problem then call today to book an appointment.

pigeons on roof | Pest Control Dartford


Pigeons will create a dirty, smelly environment if they are left to roost and nest in an area that is not maintained. Their guano is hazardous to health and can cause a slip hazard when wet.

If you are a business then pigeons can cause damage to stock and contaminate product and for that reason they need controlling. We can deal with this by bird proofing solutions or removal.

Call today to arrange a bird survey at your property.

Black Ants | Pest Control Rochester


Ant problems normally start from about March as the ant nests start to come alive. They pop up from all sorts of places in the search for carbohydrates.

It could be that you have an ants nest under a new extension, they may be getting in through brick work or a bad fitting but they normally end up in the kitchen as that’s where the food is that they are after.

If you need an ant treatment then call the office to book an appointment.


Common Clothes Moth and Carpet Moth are the same thing, they are a textile pest that cause damage to natural fibers. Its not the moth that does the damage, its the larvae that feeds on textiles.

If you think you might have a problem with moths, then move the furniture and check underneath. If you find lots of little white silk flecks that look the same size as a grain of rice then you need to seek more advice.

For more advice on moths call the office and arrange an appointment.

Pest Control Sevenoaks removing Honey bees


Honey bees are often confused with wasps by the general public and so the bees get a hard time. They are in fact very placid and friendly insects. If you can then you should consider leaving them as they don’t tend to sting unless in danger as they will die after.

We actively try and save the bees, so we often come out and do a survey to assess accessibility for a bee removal. We have a network of bee keepers that will home the bees after the removal.

Give us a call if you need a bee removal.

Cluster of flies | Pest Control Medway


There are lots of different fly problems you may have and dependent on the breed of fly it my identify an underlining problem that may be occurring elsewhere. It may be a leak somewhere or a dead carcass that is a food source for a blow larvae. Either way we can help.

Cluster Fly is a common problem around October and April. This is when they come in to over winter and then wake up to go out in the spring. They are normally found in the loft space.

Give us a call to sort out your fly problem.

ladybirds | Pest Control Medway


Ladybirds will return to a location to overwinter because they are attracted to the pheromone they leave to guide them back. Often this will be cracks and crevices, window frames and lofts.

They are not considered a mainstream pest however they can release a bitter yellow liquid which is a defence mechanism and it does stain.

If you are struggling with an influx of ladybirds then we can help, so give us a call.

larvae | Rat and mouse removal

Carpet beetle

Variegated Carpet Beetle can simply fly into a property through an open window. Their larvae, known as woolly bears are associated with birds nests and they are a textile pest that love a wool carpet.

Carpet beetle larvae are about 3mm long and you can often find them under furniture if you have an infestation. They like dark places and you do struggle to see them in a deep pile carpet.

If you need help with a carpet beetle infestation then give us a call.

Silverfish | Dead fox removal


Silverfish are classed as a scavenger and they eat anything and everything. They are often found in kitchens, cellars and bathrooms as they thrive in damp spots.

They also like book binding and wall paper paste so you can often find them spread round the house if the problem has not been treated and the infestation is able to grow.

If you see silverfish around your property, you may need some help, so give us a call.

Cockroach | Commercial pest control


Cockroaches are easily transmitted from place to place and can become a problem very quickly if not treated.

The two main species in the UK are the Oriental Cockroach, which are drain dwellers and the German Cockroach which like warm environments such as fridge motors and boilers. They are nocturnal so you are more likely to see them at night when they come out.

If you see any signs of activity then book an appointment today.

Fox | fox removal


Foxes are lovely creatures out in the wild, however in an urban environment they can cause problems through their scavenging for food.

Their lack of shyness towards humans is increasing through people feeding them and more contact, which creates problems in vulnerable places, such as schools and nurseries. For this reason we advise on ways to fox proof and remove.

There are no products on the market that work with any successes so call today if you want a survey carried out.

Rabbit control on a cricket pitch


Rabbits are the most costly of all pests due to the amount of damage they do to crops. Rabbits are very persistent if they have a plentiful food source. They will actively attack fence wire to make a hole big enough to get through.

They will decimate a flower bed or a vegetable plot if there is a nice leaf available. They can multiply very quickly in the right environment which will destroy all food sources.

If you need advice on rabbit control or would like to book a survey, we can help.

spider web | Bird proofing Solar Panels


To most people spiders aren’t a problem however we understand that some have a phobia towards spiders and need help to rid their home of them.

We carry out spider treatments that can be just for the home, but can do other areas such as loft spaces, garages and sheds. We can’t however do any spray treatments in green areas, but crack and crevice treatments on the outside of the house is allowed.

If you need help with a spider issue then we can help, call to book an appointment.

silverfish | Pest Control Sevenoaks


Wood worm infestations are quite a common problem but do need checking as a minimum. The obvious sign of a problem is seeing the holes with fresh dust around it. You may also see the actual beetles on the timber.

If you see any signs then we recommend you get it checked out for peace of mind. If left the infestation can spread to other timbers making the problem even worse.

If you need help with wood worm then give us a call to have a chat.