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Bird Proofing Solar Panels

I have carried out a number of jobs now, which involved bird proofing solar panels. It has become apparent that the solar panel companies do not inform their customers about the potential problem of pigeons nest under the solar panels once they have been fitted to the roof of the house. This is a common problem because if you think about it, a solar panel offers the ideal home for a pigeon. The panels are dark so attract the light, which radiates heat and gives the pigeon warmth. The solar panel itself gives protection from the wind and rain so an ideal place to roost. They are also safe as they are at height so protected from predators such as cats. 

I often get phone calls requesting my pest control services to assist with the problem. The main request is normally, how do I stop pigeons nesting under my solar panels or I need pigeons removed from under my solar panels. So what can be done? At Pest-Tech Ltd we will visit your property and carry out a survey to identify the problem and come up with a suitable bird proofing solution. Obviously we will produce a safe working plan that will resolve your pigeon problem and move the birds on to a new home. 

The methods used is endless and range from fitting mesh around the outside of your panels to spiking and pigeon control. Below is some pictures from recent jobs Pest-Tech Ltd carried out whilst pigeon proofing solar panels. Our preferred method is mesh around the outside secured by solar clip to hold it in place. We will never drill into your panels as this will affect your warranty.

We can help you with Bird Proofing Solar Panels on your roof, to book your free survey contact us to arrange a free survey.