Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons Under Solar Panels

Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

A customer called us as she had pigeons nesting under her solar panels. They were making a lot of mess and a lot of noise. We were asked to quote for bird proofing her solar panels to stop the pigeons getting in. The house had a glass structure at the ground floor which made this job harder.

Pigeons nesting under the solar panels.
Pigeons are living under the solar panels. Glass structure at ground level.

Rope Access for Pigeon Proofing

We carried out a survey on the job and came up with a rope access solution. This enabled us to work on the roof without any scaffolding, thus keep the price down. Each job we complete, we always carry out a survey to ensure we put a safe system of work in place every time. Obviously scaffolding is the perfect solution however we do consider budget as well. That said it will always be a safe option.

Completing the Pigeon Proofing

The first job that is done on arrival to site is set up site. Adhering to the safe system of work we set up the rope system. It is only when this is done that we can start the job. the first task is to remove nesting material from under the solar panels. Also at the same time ensure no pigeons are under there as well. We then fit mesh barrier round the outside of the panels with all corners overlapping and secured.  Solar panel clips are used to secure the mesh to the solar panels. No drilling takes place as this will negate the warranty.

Mesh fitted round a corner with the use of a solar panel clip.
An example of a mesh corner overlapping the solar panel and secured to the roof.
Pigeon proofing using solar panels clips to secure mesh to panels.
A neat and tidy job solar panel meshing, with no access for pigeons.

Bird Waste in the Gutters

We finished off each job by ensuring the gutters are flowing freely. We offer as part of our service to clean out the gutters of any bird waste. This is a free service we offer for customers however we do point out we are not a cleaning service. That said, it is done to the best of our ability.

fitting mesh to solar panels.
Mesh Fitted to solar panels using solar clips.

Pigeon Proofing Complete

The customer was very happy with the end product as are all my customers. If you have a problem with pigeons under your solar panels  then we can offer you a free survey just contact us. We also deal with pigeons under solar panels in Tonbridge Sevenoaks and across Kent. Find out more about our pigeon proofing solar panels services here.

Fitting mesh to solar panels to stop pigeons getting in.
The finished job and happy customer and protect solar panels.