Can honeybees be removed without killing them?

Can Bees Be Removed Without Killing Them?

Can bees be removed without killing them?

We understand that discovering a bee colony on your property can be a nuisance or even a health risk to the tenants.

However, let’s not forget how important honey bees are: Insects like bees account for the pollination of nearly 80% of all flowers, which saves the UK economy about £1.8 billion a year.

It’s not illegal to kill honeybees. However, we consider this to be morally wrong.

Therefore, these are five ways to remove honey bees without killing them, or hurting them in any way.

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Five ways to remove honey bees without killing them.

Smoke them

We don’t mean “set the beehive on fire”. Bees are sensitive to smell, and introducing some light smoke on your property is a guaranteed way to remove those nasty little buzzing insects without hurting them. They’ll be inconvenienced, of course, but it’s better than an anaphylaxis.

To push the bees away, open a small smoky fire under the beehive. The bees will leave and likely never come back.

Make sure you open the fire and MOVE: Bees become very agitated and aggressive when smoked, and you don’t want to be anywhere near them.


Although a popular mosquito repellent, citronella works wonders with bees as well. Introducing citronella sticks or sprays around the bee colony inconveniences the bees and makes them feel in danger, therefore pushing them to relocate over time.

Make sure your citronella is close enough to the bees to affect them. Use citronella sticks to blend together this tip and the previous one for better results.

If you have a beehive indoors, this tip works particularly well on windy and rainy days: The weather will discourage the bees from going outside, subjecting them to the citronella until they can finally escape – making it a lot more likely they’ll never return.

Relocate them

You will likely need a professional pest control service to do this. Relocating the bee colony is the best way to remove bees without killing them.

Did you know that bees in a beehive always follow the queen? A professional pest control service will simply take care of the queen, meaning that the bees will move away within days – all of it without hurting the bees in any way.

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This doesn’t mean “smear the beehive in toothpaste”! Peppermint’s strong smell is a natural bee repellent. It may not be able to extinguish the bee colony, but it will keep the bees away.

Introduce peppermint plants around your gardens to keep the bees away from your home. It’s that easy.

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