How To Get Rid Of Bees Without Killing Them

How To Get Rid Of Bees Without Killing Them

Updated 20/05/2024

Bees are valuable pollinators who make a major contribution to our ecosystem. However, they can also be hazardous to humans when in close contact with us, as bee stings can be painful and potentially life-threatening.

Even if you don’t have a bee allergy, being near a bee swarm can be scary. As such, we understand that discovering a bee colony on your property can be a nuisance and even a health risk to the occupants.

But let’s not forget how important honey bees and other bee species are. Insects like bees pollinate nearly 80% of all flowers, saving the UK economy about £1.8 billion a year in farming subsidies and ensuring ecological balance.

As experts in bee removal, Pest-Tech knows how to ensure bees are away from human dwellings and safe to enjoy their lives. Here’s how we remove bees naturally without killing them.

Is It Illegal To Kill Bees In The UK?

Many people might wonder why we focus so much on removing bees without killing them, unlike other species of insects, such as wasps.

Bees aren’t protected in the UK, which means technically, we can kill them if needed. However, Pest-Tech feels that it is morally wrong to kill bees as the population of bees is declining.

While the honey bee population remains relatively strong, bumblebees and solitary bees are in decline throughout the UK due to habitat loss and the use of strong insecticides.

As such, we use humane, natural methods to relocate bees. By avoiding harmful pesticides and keeping the bees alive, we can reduce their impact on humans while also protecting the environment.

Honey bee removal in Maidstone

Five Ways To Remove Honey Bees Without Killing Them

If you’re looking for do-it-yourself bee removal techniques and ways to repel bees from entering your property in the first place, here are some simple strategies to try.

Smoke Them Out

Smoking bees out is a very effective solution, but it does not mean “set the beehive on fire”. Setting a hive on fire can be dangerous both for the bees and your home, so we suggest that you don’t do this.

Instead, try using the scent of smoke to remove bees. Bees are sensitive to smell, and introducing some light smoke on your property is a guaranteed way to remove those nasty little buzzing insects without hurting them. They’ll be inconvenienced, of course, but it’s better than anaphylaxis from a bee allergy.

To encourage the bees to leave, create a small smoky fire under the beehive. The bees will move once they smell smoke and likely never come back.

Move away when you start the fire. Bees become very agitated and aggressive when smoked, and you don’t want to be anywhere near them.

Use Citronella

Although this is a popular mosquito repellent, citronella also works wonders with bees as well because they have a strong sense of smell and don’t like the scent of citronella.

Introducing citronella sticks or sprays around the bee colony inconveniences the bees and makes them feel in danger, pushing them to relocate over time. Make sure your citronella is close enough to the bees to affect them.

Try using citronella sticks along with a smoking treatment for the best results. With a spray bottle, you can also mist citronella oil onto areas where the bees go, such as window frames.

If you have a beehive indoors, this tip works particularly well on windy and rainy days. The weather will discourage the bees from going outside, subjecting them to the citronella until they finally escape – making it much more likely they’ll never return.

Relocate The Bee Colony

Relocation is the best way to remove bees without killing them. This is one method that you shouldn’t do yourself: you will likely need a professional pest control service to do this.

All bees in a beehive will always follow their queen, so a professional pest control service will simply take care of the queen, meaning that the bees will move away within days.

Experts like Pest-Tech can also remove the bee hive structure to ensure it doesn’t cause damage to your property and reduce the chances of bees returning to your home.

Contact us to learn more about this highly effective way to remove honeybees and how we relocate the hive to ensure the safety of the bees and the humans around them.

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Introduce Peppermint

Peppermint’s strong smell is a natural bee repellent; however, this doesn’t mean “smear the beehive in toothpaste”!

It may not be able to extinguish the bee colony, but peppermint will certainly keep the bees away from your garden. Introduce peppermint plants around your gardens to keep the bees away from your home. It’s that easy.

Peppermint oil also has a very strong scent and can be a simple way to deal with a bee problem without using toxic chemicals.

Place Cinnamon Around The Hive

Another natural bee repellent that works well is cinnamon. Bees rely heavily on their sense of smell, and cinnamon is quite spicy and woody, which bees do not enjoy. As such, cinnamon is an effective, natural and environmentally friendly way to drive bees away from your property.

Sprinkle cinnamon around the hive and other areas where bees frequent for about one week. This will encourage the colony to relocate and prevent honey bees and ground bees from returning in the future.

Call In The Professionals For Bee Nest Removal in Kent

While home remedies can deter a small number of bees, if you have several hives in your garden or inside your home, then you need more drastic measures.

Pest-Tech is a team of professionals who humanely and safely control bees throughout Kent. Our service is the bee’s knees, and our trusted bee removal treatment has proven again and again that we can remove bees without killing them in the process.

Our team can safely and effectively remove the bee hive, which is useful if it is attached to your property. Bees can cause structural damage, as their nests can quickly become large and heavy. Also, without the right protective gear, going near a bee nest can be dangerous, so if you want to get rid of bees quickly and safely, working with the professionals is the best approach.

Call 01622 296055 to find out more about our bee removal service across Maidstone, Kent and the surrounding area.