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How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Pigeons are everywhere in towns and cities across the UK. They spread diseases, make tons of noise, and cause thousands of pounds of damage to buildings. Understanding how to get rid of them can be challenging, as pigeons are relentless and often navigate their way around most deterrents.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, the most effective ways to get rid of pigeons are:

  • Pigeon spikes
  • Pigeon netting
  • Bird free gel
  • Post and wire
  • Avishock

The environment where pigeons cause problems is a significant factor in whether bird deterrents will be effective. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to contact Pest-Tech’s professional bird control team at 01622 296055. They are always happy to discuss your pigeon problem.

bird spikes installation on roof

The dangers posed by pigeons

Although pigeons may seem harmless at first glance, they pose many serious hazards that can damage property and health. Understanding the risks is critical to deter pigeons from your property or get stakeholder buy-in to take action against feral pigeons.


The health risks posed by pigeons are often not thought about or understood, but they are severe and even deadly. Pigeon droppings (guano) contain harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites, such as Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonellosis, and E. Coli.

The inhalation of dried pigeon guano is one of the most significant risks you will face when coming into contact with pigeon droppings. If you employ a pest control company like Pest-Tech to clean guano, we will have complete PPE equipment with high-quality respirators to avoid breathing in the toxic material.

Furthermore, the accumulation of droppings can attract other pests, such as bird mites, flies, and rats, all of which have their own health risks.


Pigeons damage buildings in several ways. For example, in a domestic setting, if you have solar panels installed on your roof, it is common for pigeons to nest underneath the panels. If this happens, they can cause damage, limit their effectiveness and even potentially cause fires due to electrical faults.

In commercial settings, pigeons can roost and nest in all sorts of areas, such as roof spaces and attics, and when they are inside, they cause significant damage. The longer the problem is left, the more significant the clean-up costs will be, as cleaning pigeon debris like nesting materials and guano is a hazardous job that contains many health risks.

Building materials like metal, stone and wood can rust over time due to pigeon droppings, so if you want to preserve the look and feel of your building, deterring pigeons should be your number one priority


Pigeon droppings, otherwise known as guano, can rapidly accumulate if pigeons are left to their own devices. Once the guano has built up, your business is at risk, as the droppings are very slippery, and you may be liable for any injuries caused by slipping and falling.

Stairs prior to bird dropping removal service

As previously mentioned, guano is highly acidic, and when it builds up, it can damage paint, metal surfaces, vehicles, and signage, which results in costly repairs and cleaning costs. Also, if you manage a business, guano can be very unsightly and make your building look unclean and unprofessional.


Pigeons are very noisy, especially when allowed to breed in more significant numbers. Their cooing and roosting can disrupt sleep in urban environments, and prolonged exposure to pigeon noise pollution can cause annoyance and stress to those impacted.

Therefore, getting rid of a pigeon bird infestation in areas close to homes, flats, and accommodation is critical.

The most effective methods to get rid of pigeons

It can often be confusing to know how to get rid of pigeons, as there are so many different options available. Pest-Tech is highly experienced at employing methods to eliminate pigeons, and we’ve worked on hundreds of pigeon removal and control jobs. Over the years, we’ve seen pigeon control methods such as scarecrows, spices, decoy kites, bird decoys, removing bird feeders, and water sprays fail. Thankfully, we’ve also achieved great success with our pigeon removal methods, so if you’re trying to prevent pigeons from causing problems at your property, use the following:

Pigeon spikes

When installed correctly, bird spikes are one of the most effective methods to get rid of pigeons. Spikes come in different sizes and materials, such as plastic and metal, but when placed on roosting and nesting spots, they repel pigeons from landing.

Installation of Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are best used in environments such as ledges, window sills, signs, and other flat surfaces. They do not hurt pigeons and instead will prevent nesting pigeons and other wild bird species, therefore effectively preventing them from calling the area home.

Pigeon netting

Alongside anti-bird spikes, bird netting is a highly effective option for removing pigeons. It creates a physical barrier against pigeons accessing their desired area. Installing bird netting is not a simple task and requires the help of an experienced bird control specialist, but when done correctly, netting can last for many years and prevents pigeons from accessing your property.

Bird netting installation at Benson Beds Maidstone

If humanely removing pigeons is one of your top priorities, bird netting will help you achieve that goal. Bird netting comes in various mesh sizes and can be used in areas such as courtyards, roof spaces, balconies, and building exteriors.

Bird free gel

Bird-free gel is a tried-and-tested method to exclude pigeons from their desired area. Bird gels are highly innovative and take advantage of a bird’s vision to imitate that the area is on fire. As pigeons hate fire and fear it, they will avoid the area.

Optical gel bird prevention in Faversham

Knowing how to get rid of pigeons with bird gels is challenging, as the placement has to be exactly right for it to be effective. Areas such as ledges, signs, and beams work especially well when traditional methods such as netting and spikes are unsuitable. Furthermore, at Pest-Tech, we’ve found that using gels alongside another bird repellent has the highest success rate.

Post and wire

Post and wire bird detterants uses high-tension wires to create an unsteady landing spot for feral pigeons. This approach is completely humane because if a bird lands on the wire, they will be unable to perch, causing them to find a more suitable location.

When installed, it is discreet and not initially visible to the eye, making it an ideal choice when trying not to alter the aesthetics of a building.

Avishock electric track

Avishock provides a low-voltage electric shock, keeping pigeons from landing on structures such as ledges, signs, and roofs. It is often used when other methods are challenging to install or less effective, like in a high bird-pressure environment.

Although a low-voltage shock is provided, Avishock is still 100% humane. It will not hurt or injure feral pigeons or other birds when they try to land on the area, but instead, it will make the area feel uncomfortable (similar to spikes), causing them to relocate elsewhere.

How to get rid of pigeons FAQs


What home remedies will deter pigeons?

Home remedies such as shiny objects, wind chimes, ultrasonic devices, decoy kites, essential oils and sprays are limited in effectiveness and often work for a short period of time before the pigeons become used to the deterrent. Removing bird feeders and food sources can help, but pigeons are highly intelligent and will adapt to ineffective deterrents over the long term. For professional advice on pigeon control, please call our team at 01622 296055.

Can you get rid of pigeons under your solar panels?

Pesky pigeons commonly seek refuge under solar panels, where they can nest and roost safely. However, it’s essential to address this issue as soon as you notice it to prevent damage to the panels and reduce the risk of fire. Pest-Tech is highly experienced in removing pigeons humanely from solar panels and can install mesh around the outside of panels to prevent them from being able to nest.

Do fake owls scare pigeons away?

Fake owls are not effective at scaring pigeons. They are often sold as a quick solution to prevent pigeons from causing problems, but they quickly become used to fake owls when they learn that they don’t pose any threat. The most effective way to deter pigeons is to use one of the methods we have mentioned throughout this article and work with a professional pest control company experienced in using pest control measures for birds.