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Mice in the kitchen

Pest-Tech Ltd get asked what to do if a mouse is seen in the house, often the mice are in the kitchen. This blog is designed to give you information and facts to be able to deal with the problem. This may be either dealing with it yourself or calling out a professional pest controller. So what draws a mouse to the kitchen? The kitchen generates all sorts of food smells and there will always be some food crumbs. This can be food down the side of the fridge or behind a bin for example, remembering a crumb to us is a meal for a mouse.

Mice in the kitchen | pest control near me
Dirty kitchen is giving mice a food source.

Where does a mouse live in the house?

Mice can live anywhere in the house but they will want to feel safe. Mice like to move around in the shadows so they will try and keep out of sight as much as possible. They use pipes, cable and wires to navigate around a property. They like moving in the cavities and under floor boards which can sometimes be heard. Scratching noises in the wall is a common problem associated to mouse infestations.

A common nesting place for mice is in the loft. If you think about it the loft is quiet, lots of nesting material and the warmth rises from the house. With all these advantages mice in the loft is a common place for them to live. They also get easy access to the cavities and can follow water pipes to the kitchen.

A mouse in the house, evidence found in the loft.
Evidence of mice living in the insulation in the loft. Spots of mouse urine and droppings next to an entrance to a nest.

Do mice live on there own?

You will more than likely only see one mouse at any one time. This does not mean you only have one mouse. They all look very similar and they move very quickly so it makes it very hard to identify different mice. If you have a mouse then expect to have several mice.

Mice in a cavity | mouse control
Mice in a cavity wall .

What to do if you see a mouse in the house.

Mice drop over 80 times a day so they will always leave evidence of their movements. Ideally you want to know how the mice are moving round your property so you can do something about it. This is what we call proofing, blocking holes and deny access for the mouse. Normally we would do this in areas you don’t want the mice. at the same time traps or mouse bait will be used to deal with the mouse infestation. Once this is complete then the mouse entry point to the house should be considered.

Find the mouse entry point.

Mice can enter the house from many different points. You are looking for a needle in a haystack but everything should be considered. We work on a pencil size hole as a minimum for mice to get in. If you take away the fur then the mouse is extremely small. This should be considered when looking for routes in. I have written a separate blog about rodent entry points which can be found by clicking Here.

A mouse can get in the house via a plastic vent block
Mice gnaw at plastic air vents to get in to a house

A mouse getting in by an adjoining house.

If it is a terrace house or semi detached then the mice could have come from next door. We know its an awkward conversation but it is worth talking to your neighbors. They may have a problem but not know or they could also be battling with a problem. in some cases they may be feeding in one house but live in another. If you are both doing something about it then it will help resolve the problem.

Mouse movement from house to house | Pest control near me
A hole in the fire wall in the loft that goes next door. Smear forming at the hole.

A mouse getting in the house from the attached garage.

The garage is an easy place for a mouse to gain entry. Often there is a gap under the garage door and this allows mice to get in. We are finding more and more that boilers have been fitted in the garage which causes issues. It warms the garage and the water pipes lead off in to the house. The mice start off in the garage and then go looking for food in the house. Proofing should be considered and you can buy a garage door seal to limit entry to the garage in the first place. We can carry out all this type of work.

Cut back Shrubs

Greenery and climbing plants should be cut back from the outside of the house as these act as ladders for mice to get up to gutter level. Once in the gutters they can gain access in to the roof. By keeping this maintained you will reduce the chances of getting mice in your loft.

mice us foliage as a ladder. Pest Control Near Me
Foliage growing up a house, mice it as a ladder.

How to deal with a mouse in the house.

So once you know you have got a mouse in the house you should have a good look around. You are looking for signs of activity such as droppings and mouse smear. once you know where they have been or are visiting you can place your traps or mouse bait. At this point I can not stress enough about safety of these products. Children and animals must not have access to these items as they are extremely dangerous. Always read the label for safety when using the products. Check all the areas we have discussed during this blog.

Mouse hole | Pest Control Near Me
A mouse hole in the wall with smear from a well trodden route.

The dangers of a mouse infestation.

It goes without saying that mice carry disease. this should be remembered if you find mice droppings in the kitchen. Always use an antibacterial spray on food preparation areas prior to use. It is also recommended that soft goods are containerised so food sources are reduced. This will stop contamination of your food but also encourage the mice to follow your treatment plan.

Pest Control Near Me

If you are experiencing problems with a mouse infestation and have a mouse in the house then we can help. We know that not everyone is able to deal with mice due to having a phobia, so we are able to take the stress away. If you need us to resolve your mouse problem then contact us to make an appointment, Here. For more information on mice then you could visit the British Pest Control Association. Get in touch for Maidstone pest control.