Honey bees in the chimney

How to Get Rid of Bees in the Chimney

Bees in the Chimney

How do I get rid of bees from in the chimney is a common question we get asked. It’s around March time that the bees start to come alive and coming out as spring arrives. It is at this point that bees make there presence known. When we are asked about bees in the chimney the first thing is to establish the type of be we are dealing with. The most common bees found in the chimney is the feral honey bee. There have however been occurrences where the bee causing the problem is a mining bee and to the untrained eye one bee looks like another. There are in fact over 200 spices of bee in the UK.

Bees in the chimney in general do not cause a problem as they are very placid. However the problems can occur as the bees create the honey in the comb. It can be unstable and seep out, this may then trickle down the chimney breast. The honey may attract all sorts of unwanted pests as well as creating a dirty sticky mess. Every now and again you do get an aggressive colony this is dictated by the queen. In this case the bees may torment people and animals in the local area by either buzzing them or even worst, sting them.

Honey bees and honeycomb in a chimney
Bees and honeycomb in the chimney.

What can be done.

To get rid of bees from your chimney, there is only one way to successfully get rid of bees permanently. This would to be to have them professionally removed complete with honey comb, pheromone and scent. There are some companies that will happily destroy a bees nest, injecting an insecticide into the nest. Morally this is not the way to go as bees are in decline and we should be actively¬† try to save the bees. Not only this, but if you don’t remove the honeycomb a new swarm will move in. If the previous colony was destroyed you will now be contaminating the new colony. Bees are thief’s so they may go to a hive and infect it with the insecticide. This carries huge fines if proved.

My theory is, if the bees are to destroyed then the honeycomb needs to be removed. If you are going to destroy the bees and remove the honeycomb, you may as well just remove the bees anyway. They can then be homed with a bee keeper in a hive where they can continue to thrive. If the company you allocate the job to come in and destroy the nest and walk away, they are not resolving the problem as more will come. These types of companies are just looking to make a quick buck and will take your money and run. We would always recommend you getting a professional bee removal company in to do the job properly.

Bees removed from the chimney
The chimney has now been cleaned and scent free

Bee Keepers Association

Your local Bee Keepers Association are a great source of information and have a lot of knowledge, however they will not do removals from a chimney as they are not insured to work at height. On many occasions we have worked with a bee keepers as the bees are always passed on to a new home.

When we remove honey bees from a chimney we take into consideration if the chimney is used or not. If the chimney is not used then it may be boxed in at the bottom. If this is the case we make sure no debris falls down the chimney as this will cause other problems such as an infestation of wax moth or other insect problems.

How to get rid of bees from the chimney
Brick removed to capture falling debris.

If you need to get rid of honey bees from your chimney then we can carry out a survey and produce a plan on how to remove the bees safely and ensure the chimney is left in a state that bees wont be attracted to it.

chimney repaired now bees have been removed
Chimney repaired after bees removed.