pigeon proofing solar panels Tonbridge

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Tonbridge

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Pigeons can be a complete nuisance if you have solar panels fitted to your roof. This blog is a case study for a task we carried out pigeon proofing solar panels in Tonbridge. The customer was experiencing noise, mess and an infestation. She was desperate to get rid of the pigeons humanely so they move on.

Solar panel pigeon proofing
Solar panel pigeon proofing

Pigeon Proofing Survey

On first contact the customer visited out website and read up on some of our previous blogs on this issue. By doing this she felt confident we were a professional company and our feed back was further reassurance. The client filled in the quick contact on our website and a free survey was arranged. The survey enables us to put together a quote having seen the property and identify any restrictions to the job. For example  a conservatory being in the way of access to the roof. The solar panel layout and how many banks will contribute to the final quote.

Wire mesh to stop pigeons nesting under the solar panels
Wire mesh fitted using solar clips, to sop pigeons getting under.

Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

When pigeons nest under solar panels they can create many problems to the home below.

  • Noise. Pigeons wake up before first light so their noise usually starts around 4am. This is not helped by the fact often the noise is echoed by an empty loft space.
  • Mess. Pigeons drop nesting material as well as it washing out from under the panels from a rain down poor. Added to this is eggs and chicks falling out the nest which is not pleasent to find. Finally and worst of all is the bird guano that gets everywhere and is slippery when wet. If you have children then this is even worst. Bird guano will also build up in the gutter until it causes it to overflow.
  • Infestations. Pigeons can carry some undesirable insects on them. Bird mite is an example of an infestation that could be introduced to your property by pigeons. They are blood suckers and not a pleasent infestation to get in your home.

Pigeon Proofing your Solar Panels

On the day of the job, after setting up the ladders and equipment our fist job was to assess the site. All pigeons are encouraged to leave by creating lots of noise. A mesh barrier was then secured to the panels around the perimeter. Solar clips are used to do this as drilling into the panels negates the warranty. Once the mesh was secured in place we cleaned all the bird waste out the gutter so they were free flowing.

Solar panels bird proofed in Tonbridge
Bird Proofed Solar Panels in Tonbridge

Customer Satisfaction

Having completed the job it is always nice to hear the customer tell us what a wonderful job we had done. In this case the customer was no longer getting woken up in the early hours. They were also very happy with the fact that they didn’t have to worry about their grand children playing on the patio. It is feedback like this that makes the job even more enjoyable.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues and would like to know more we have a number of other blogs you may wish to take a look at. We also have a service page for Bird Proofing Solar Panels. Alternatively you can contact us to arrange a free survey or to find out more about Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels in Tonbridge.