Rats in Commercial Buildings

How Do Rats Get Into Commercial Buildings.

Rats In Industrial Units.

Rats are a common problem in commercial buildings, so how do rats get into industrial units. In this blog we talk about routes of entry, the signs of activity and what can be done to stop rats getting in. Rats getting into buildings is a long standing issue that happens every winter time. As it gets cold and wet all rodents will go in search of warmth and a new home. Domestic buildings are well built, mostly out of bricks and mortar. Industrial buildings however are commonly a metal substructure with some sort of insulated gladding type structure. So how do the rats get in?

How Do Rats Get Into Commercial Buildings.

There are many different ways rats can get into an industrial unit and the list is endless. This is just to give you a snap shot of the possible ways rats can get in. We underestimate the rat and what they can do. They can gnaw through metal and concrete and have the intelligence to work out wear points to a building. All these ingredients make for the perfect intruder. So lets consider a few possibilities on how they are getting in beyond the usual common drain issues.

The easiest of all entry’s is through poor door management in which doors get left open all shift. Sounds to easy but it does happen. Next is the all to common holes left from where old cables, wires, aircon pipes went into the building. As changes happen the old holes in the wall get left and a rat will take advantage. This can be the same for existing pipes, cables and wires. Often the holes made are to big for the cables they are made for and are left so rodents can get in.

The main area of concern with industrial units is what is going on under the outer frame. There are always weak points and often poor finishing as it is out of sight and not seen. A weak point for example would be where the main structure beams are located. When these structures are made, rodents are not a concern. so  a gap like the picture below could easily get missed.

Signs Of Rat Activity.

Once rats are in, they will be leaving signs that they are present. Scratching noises, funny smells, black smear and food going missing. These are all signs that you have some fury visitors. If this is the case then I recommend you take a little bit of time to walk round the outside. You should be looking for any possible routes of entry. Look for holes but also rat runs if it is soft ground. These are all ways to tell if you have rats going into your building. If you cant find anything you may have to call in the help of a professional. This is a common task for us at Pest-Tech and we can then offer a solution to remedy the problem.

How To Stop Rats Getting Into Commercial Buildings.

Once you have identified you have rats and their routes of entry are known proofing is required. Before this is done a rodent treatment is normally completed so nothing is blocked into the building. It is easy to resolve if you have a straight forward hole into the building. However, on many occasions especially with metal skin industrial units you can see roughly where they are getting under but not where they go from there. Most of these types of units are constructed on a solid concrete pad. In these types of situation when the have earth around them we mesh off the area so nothing can get in. We recommend you have vegetation cut back as rodents like to stay in the shadows. We tend to locate the concrete pad below and then secure mesh to the unit down.

Pest Control Services.

If you are having problems with rats in your commercial building or industrial unit Pest-Tech Ltd can help you. We offer a full range of services from treatments, surveys, proofing and annual service contracts. If you are dealing with the problems spoke about above then we can help. Contact us if you would like to discuss you rodent issues as we who like to help.