Pigeon netting on balcony

How to get rid of pigeons on your balcony

Balconies are ideal for pigeons to roost, nest, or perch. They are high up, which provides pigeons with a good field of view, helping them feel safe from all the usual dangers. Furthermore, the handrail on a balcony is perfect for perching. Once pigeons have been attracted to your balcony, it won’t take long for them to feel safe, and when they do, expect them to start nesting. To get rid of pigeons from your balcony, you’ll need to look for pigeon-proofing or pest control methods.

Why do pigeons nest on your balcony?

There are several reasons why pigeons may have chosen your balcony to roost or nest on. First, food is a common attraction to draw pigeons to an area; if there is a plentiful food source, they will keep returning. Also, even if you’re not feeding the pigeons, there is a chance that your neighbours are.

Pigeons always look for safe and secure areas that offer protection from harsh elements. Pigeons don’t like to be out in the wind and rain, and your balcony may provide shelter from these elements while offering a place to stay at night.

If your balcony combines the two and has a good vantage point, it is the perfect home for a pigeon to move in. Even worse, multiple pigeons could move in, and it will only be a matter of time before they start nesting. If you’ve noticed pigeon nests on your balcony, keep reading for our best tips to keep pigeons away.

How to get rid of pigeons on your balcony

Many bird proofing methods are available to get rid of pigeons from your balcony. However, most of these are ineffective and do not keep pigeons away forever. The solution we recommend depends on the configuration of your balcony and the level of pigeon infestation currently present. The only guaranteed method to keep pigeons away is to use a professional company like Pest-Tech to install pigeon deterrents. We’ve completed many pigeon pest control jobs in our time and are true experts in pigeon exclusion.

Netting on balcony
Netting on balcony

Pigeon Decoy Bird

More often than not, customers call us after wasting time and money on a fake decoy bird. Unfortunately, decoy birds are usually ineffective and don’t scare pigeons away. However, that does not mean they are 100% useless; there are cases where they work. The options available on the market are Hawks or Owls which visually scare pigeons from landing in an area.

Fake decoy birds work by activating the pigeon’s sense of danger, causing them to become frightened. They are straightforward to install as a DIY pigeon deterrent, making them the first point of call for many of our customers. Although we don’t recommend using decoy birds, here are a few tips to increase the chance of success:

  • Combine with other removal techniques. This includes removing all food and water sources for pigeons, including asking your neighbours to stop feeding the pigeons.
  • Get rid of any nesting material, as this may attract pigeons to your balcony. Before performing this step, please ensure pigeons are the bird causing you problems, as many other nests are highly protected.
  • Make sure to move the fake bird decoy regularly. Pigeons will get used to the decoy in the same place, and it won’t take long to learn that it poses no danger to them. Move the decoy on a daily, if not weekly, basis.

Bird Netting

The most effective method to get rid of pigeons is to install a bird net system. Pigeon netting will act as a barrier to prevent pigeons from gaining access. However, a professional should always carry out the installation of pigeon netting. The reason is that there is a requirement to attach fixings and a steel wire rope to the framework of the balcony.

Pest-Tech will usually install 50mm pigeon netting, which is available in a range of colour options. Furthermore, if access is required to the outside of the net, we can install zips to ensure the netting is not damaged. Our balcony pigeon netting services are cost-effective and guaranteed to keep pigeons off your balcony.

Pigeon netting on balcony
Pigeon netting on balcony

If you’re located in the southeast of England (Kent, Maidstone), call us on 01622 296055 to learn more about pricing and our availability to get rid of pigeons. Although pigeon netting is our preferred solution to keep pigeons away, If you don’t like the idea of netting being fitted, don’t worry; other pest control options are available to deter pigeons.

Bird Spikes

Pigeon spikes are another highly effective solution that involves securing bird spikes to rails and ledges using adhesive. Spikes work fantastic as a way to deter pigeons from landing on handrails, but other areas of the balcony can be at risk of being infested by pigeons. Furthermore, bird spikes are not aesthetically pleasing on your balcony and can spoil the look and feel. Spikes work by making the area uncomfortable to keep pigeons away for good. In addition, they are a humane option that prevents pigeons from perching.

Pigeon netting and spikes on balcony
Pigeon netting and spikes on balcony

Pigeon Repellent Gel

Bird Free Gel, also known as fire gel or optical gel, is a low-profile pigeon deterrent that works in two ways. Firstly, the repellent presents an optical illusion to the pigeons, which makes them feel unsafe and insecure. There is also a powerful odour that smells like very potent garlic. The pots are positioned with set spaces on any potential roosting points.

Bird Free Gel is a proactive pest control approach to keep pigeons off your balcony. If there is an active infestation, expect repellent gel to be less effective. It is best used with a combination of other pigeon deterrents to ensure pigeons are not attracted to the location in the first place.

Ultrasound Pigeon Repeller

Ultrasound pigeon repellers are a completely harmless and humane way to get rid of pigeons from your balcony. The technology can work in two ways; firstly, by a timer, and secondly, by recognising pigeons are in the vicinity before producing sound waves to stop pigeons from landing.

The effectiveness of the cheaper options available online is questionable as pigeons get used to the noise and learn that they are in no danger. So while they may be effective in the short term, they usually lose their impact.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are similar to fake birds of prey in their effectiveness. While unexpected noises can keep the pigeons away, it won’t be long before they get accustomed to the noise. So if you’re noticing pigeons at the beginning of their migration to your balcony, you may have success with wind chimes and alternatives like hanging reflective tape and aluminium foil, but it’s not guaranteed. That being said, if it is an active infestation, it is doubtful that wind chimes will keep pigeons away.

Get rid of food and water sources

Ensuring your balcony is unattractive for pigeons is the cheapest pest control method to deter pigeons. This includes removing bird baths and any food sources the pigeons may use. The problem is getting your neighbours or a whole flat block to participate in the same activity.

Problems with pigeons on your balcony

Pigeon Guano

Some people feel happy to keep the pigeons on their balcony to start with, but after a short period, the pigeon guano (pigeon poop) will begin to build up. Pigeon waste smells and is hazardous to deal with. When it dries out and you disturb it, dust particles can disperse into the air, which gets breathed in. Due to this, we must encourage pigeon guano to be left alone for safety reasons; instead, call us on 01622 296055 to remove it. If you don’t act straight away to get rid of a pigeon infestation, the guano will build up, and there will be a constant fly problem around the area.

Pigeon guano on balcony
Pigeon guano on balcony


Pigeons are known carriers of a range of diseases that are transferable to humans. The problems usually stem when guano has been disturbed during cleaning. Diseases that pigeon guano contains include Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Salmonellosis. Ultimately, there is no need for yourself or your loved ones to be at risk of those diseases when getting rid of pigeons is easy with our pigeon control methods.

Damage caused by pigeons on balcony
Damage caused by pigeons on balcony


Damage is another problem that can be highly problematic when pigeons move onto your balcony. Pigeons are messy, and their guano is highly acidic, which can strip paint from your balcony. Furthermore, it can cause a slipping hazard for anyone using the balcony.

Pest-Tech can provide expert opinions on how to get rid of pigeons in balcony environments. We typically use pigeon netting as that is a guaranteed approach, but we have other options available. We’re a well-established pest control company in Maidstone and Kent, meaning we can provide expert solutions for your balcony. Feel free to call us on 01622 296055 to learn more about our methods to get rid of pigeons.