Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Pest Tech Ltd offer a bespoke service when it comes to bird proofing solar panels to stop pigeons from getting under them. Every job we do is different which is why we like to come out and take a look at the job. We like to understand what the problem is and how we are going to resolve it.

When you bird proof solar panels you move the problem on, and once pigeons have lived under solar panels, they know what a good place it is to live so when moved on, they will search for another solar panel bank to move under. If you have had your panels for a while and all of a sudden get pigeons moving in, then there is a good chance this is what has happened to you. Solar panels are a great place for pigeons to live because they protect them from the elements, but also the dangers of predators trying to get to the pigeon eggs and young. Once pigeons have nested under your solar panels, they will not move on under there own accord and you could say they are stubborn. They know they are safe and therefore will continue to nest there until there access is denied.

Pigeons living under solar panels bring all sorts of problems this ranges from the common noise and mess issues to the more serious, such as introducing an infestation of bird mite to the home.  This can be very uncomfortable for the household as they need to feed and end up biting you. Bird guano is hazardous to health, so not something you want to be clearing up, not to mention it becoming a slip hazard when its wet. It is also common to find dead chicks and eggs on the floor, where they have fallen out their nest and not pleasant to have to clear up.

When we carry out a site visit, we will look at access to the roof, if there are any obstacles obstructing access such as a porch or conservatory. The pitch of the roof is another consideration to be considered. An assessment will then be carried out to establish how we are able to safely carry out the work and produce a safe working plan. We also identify the make and model of panels to confirm whether solar clips or eye clamps are to be used. At no point is any drilling done on any solar panel as this negates the warranty.

When we complete the task, we ensure all pigeons have exited from under the panels to ensure we don’t trap any when fitting the mesh. We also remove all nesting material that is safe to do so without pulling at any cables. Once this is complete the mesh is fitted and secured around the perimeter of the solar panels with each of the corners are overlapped and secured. To finish the job off, we ensure bird waste is cleared out of the gutter so rain water is free flowing and able to drain away.

There are other methods to bird proof solar panels, but this is our preferred method as we feel it is the best way to keep pigeons out. If however we think another method is better for the situation we will make the recommendation to you, however we will ensure there is no drilling into the panels as this will negate your warrantee. All methods used are in line with recommended methods within the pest control industry.

Once a group of pigeons has its heart set on your solar panels the side effects can be irritating and costly. Pigeons nesting under your solar panels can mean scratching sounds, incessant noise and sleepless nights, not to mention the chance of getting a bird mite infestation. Pigeon proofing solar panels quickly and effectively deals with all these problems

We can carry out a desk top study using photos, to give an estimate of price, we do however carry out a visit prior to carrying out the job to confirm the price and method.

If you have any questions on bird proofing solar panels or wish to book a no obligational quote, then give us a call to discuss your problem and we will always be able to come up with a solution.


How do I stop pigeons nesting under my solar panels?

You are not going to stop them nesting under your panels without creating a barrier to stop them getting in. This is why we fit a solid galvanised steel mesh barrier denying them access.

How do I stop pigeons nesting under my solar panels?

The simple answer is to stop them from getting under them, but this needs to be done properly as pigeons are very unforgiving and if you give them a potential opportunity then they will take advantage of it. We would always recommend using a professional company for not only safety reasons because working at height but also for a professional, neat and tidy finish that will last a long time.

I need pigeons removed from under my solar panels, what can I do? 

Its all very well getting the pigeons out however they are going to be straight back as soon as you have gone. We use methods that to stop access and then cause the pigeons to have to move on to nest elsewhere.

Why are pigeons nesting under my solar panels?

If you look at your solar panels on your roof from a pigeon’s point of view they protect the pigeons from rain and wind, they protect the pigeons from predators such as magpies, trying to get to the pigeons eggs and chicks and often they are located close to a bird feeding station in someone’s garden. This is much safer than nesting in a tree for a pigeon and therefore the ideal place to set up home.

Can pigeons nesting under my solar panels cause damage?

Pigeons are programmed to loaf and roost on roofs, and the increase in popularity of solar panels has meant an equally popular nesting area for the pigeons. They are kept warm and sheltered from all weathers, this can cause damage to the exterior and interior parts of your solar panels remembering that their guano will stain and burn into a lot of materials but also the birds may dislodge some wiring and ultimately damaging your investment.

Will I get a decrease in power if I have pigeons living under my solar panels?

Even the early signs of pigeon presence can cause your panels to underperform, dirt and faeces left by pigeons quickly covers the glas surface of your solar panels, meaning a decrease in power and effectiveness. In addition to this, pigeon droppings as previously mentioned have a highly acidic quality, so if left they can cause corrosive action and possible damage to the frame of the panel. Furthermore, bird droppings are known to be carriers of a number of diseases such as Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis.

Reviews from our customers that have used our services to bird proof their solar panels.

Pigeon Control (Clearance and fitting netting around Solar Panels).

“Very professional work undertaken to my complete satisfaction. Very organised and thorough approach to the job. Would recommend this firm to anyone needing pest control.”

Customer in Maidstone 16 February 2019

Bird proofing solar panels.

“Kelly gave me a price which he kept to. He arrived on time, did the job as discussed, left no mess and the quality of the work met my expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Customer in Gillingham 25 January 2019

Pigeon proofing around solar panels.

“Efficient + friendly, very good job.”

Customer in Maidstone 12 December 2018

Netting fitted around solar panels.

“Kelly did an excellent and tidy job of fitting mesh netting around the solar panels on the front and back of my house. He had previously been and removed squirrels nesting, but this time I had an ever-increasing family of pigeons (at least 25 of them). They caused a lot of mess. Kelly and his young assistant arrived in the morning as promised and worked solidly till the job was done. Very quick and efficient.”

Customer in Swanley 1 September 2018

Removed pigeon nests from under solar panels and made the panels pigeon-proof to prevent returns.

“Excellent service made especially difficult by the rain. Work was done with attention to detail including an issue with panels running the opposite way. Work completed within a fortnight of first visit. Knowledgeable and efficient. Pigeons now scattered and no longer fighting on our roof at all hours or making the side of the house a smelly no-go area.”

Customer in Chatham 29 August 2018

Protecting solar panels from pigeons.

“Pest Tech were highly professional and courteous from start to finish.”

Customer in Tonbridge 22 September 2018

Solar panel proofing

“Friendly service, top class work. Highly recommended.”

Customer in Maidstone 22 August 2018

Pigeon proofing solar panels

“Highly recommended. Kelly did a good job at a very competitive price.”

Customer in Gillingham 18 August 2018

Removal of pigeons from under solar panels and fitting wire mesh to prevent their return.

“Pest-Tech carried out the work promptly and efficiently.”

Customer in Maidstone 11 August 2018

Removing pigeon nest and bird proofing solar panels.

“Great standard of work. Kelly worked with diligence and attention to detail. We have peace of mind that we will no longer get unwanted pests making a home under our panels.”

Customer in Rochester 17 July 2018

Anti-pigeon protection on roof solar panels.

“Done very efficiently and quickly. Kelly and his assistant were very pleasant and polite and cleared up well.”

Customer in Tonbridge 14 July 2018

Pigeon deterrence

“Efficient, clean, tidy and polite.”

Customer in Sevenoaks 10 July 2018

To bird proof solar panels.

“Efficient service from the quote to completion. An excellent job carried out in a courteous manner at a reasonable price.”

Customer in Maidstone 25 June 2018

Pigeon proofing solar panels.

“Very nice work and polite. Arranged the work quickly and turned up on time.”

Customer in Maidstone 23 June 2018

Anti pigeon mesh around solar panels.

“Reliable, pleasant, tidy and very professional.”

Customer in Tonbridge 14 June 2018

Installation of wire mess on the roof to protect from pigeons (solar panels).

“Perfect work, at a very reasonable price. Nice cheerful man-totally recommend Kelly for the work he did.”

Customer in Maidstone 1 June 2018

Proofing solar panels from pigeons.

“Superior service, excellent.”

Customer in Maidstone 20 March 2018

Removal of pigeons from beneath Solar Panels and installation of wire mesh to prevent further nesting.

“Prior to the work, Kelly performed a site survey and explained why the pest should be removed and what he would do on the day and the materials required. What we both liked was that he engaged and spoke to both myself and my wife (whereas many service providers and trades only seem to want to talk to the male). On the day, Kelly and his colleague got on with the job safely and without question and did a thorough job including cleaning the gutters of any debris etc. I would definitely recommend (and given the fact that other local pest companies never got back to me when I made enquiries).”

Customer in Gravesend 15 March 2018