Exclude Rats and Mice from your home with proofing

Once we've cured your rodent infestation with our pest control services, we recommend taking advantage of our rodent-proofing options. Just because you've gotten rid of your current issue doesn't mean that another won't occur in the future.

In its simplest form, proofing involves blocking ingress points, otherwise known as entry points, to prevent rodents from gaining access to your property. It is also essential to sanitise areas with heavy rat and mouse infestations. Lofts, kitchens and food preparation areas should be disinfected for the health and safety of yourself, your customers and family members.

How Pest-Tech Rodent Poof your home

We can ensure that all waste is removed from your site whenever we carry out rat removal, mice pest control, or squirrel pest control services. In addition, as a Registered Waste Carrier, we’ll ensure your waste is legally disposed of and not dumped at the side of the road.

Pest-Tech also loves to shout about the quality of our proofing materials. Rodents such as rats and mice have a habit of showing cowboys up with their extensive gnawing habits. If cheap proofing materials are used, expect rodents to work their way back into your home or business eventually.

air brick vent with holes

Rat Proofing

Using a trained, experienced, certified company like Pest-Tech is essential when undertaking rat-proofing. Rats can pass through holes the size of a pencil, and to make it even harder, most issues from rats occur from drainage below the ground. For this reason, it makes it near impossible to know where to rodent proof. Drain problems are estimated to be 80% of all rat problems. We have trained technicians on our team who can conduct surveys for rats to establish if drains are the cause of your rat issue. If drains are the problem, we’ll proceed to rodent proof your drainage system using drain blockers.

As part of all our rat-proofing services, we’ll investigate your property to identify possible entry points. Typical rodent entry points include broken vents, a gap under a door or a hole in the wall. There are many possible routes of entry for a rat infestation, and during our survey, we’ll make you aware of all possibilities to stop further access in the future.

More information on rodent access points.

Mouse Proofing

At Pest-Tech, we’re also highly experienced in Mouse Proofing homes and businesses. We aim to be proactive with our services, as preventing a mouse problem is cheaper than getting rid of an ongoing problem. So first, we’ll look around your property for gaps that mice could exploit, and because mice are fantastic climbers, this could be from the basement to the attic.

Some common access points used by mice include holes in your skirting boards, under doors, air bricks and neighbouring properties. We’ll look for grease and gnaw marks on regularly used mice ingress points before blocking the holes with our high-quality mouse-proofing material, such as wire wool and mesh.


Loft Clearance

Unfortunately, as a by-product of infestations caused by rodents in your loft, you may notice a horrific urine stench and tons of droppings that have contaminated the area. Our team conduct loft clearances and can strip all urine-stained insulation and evident rodent droppings. It’s an awful job and not something we’d recommend without respirators, PPE and the understanding of diseases spread by rodents. We strip and bag all waste, arrange a collection on the same day, and disinfect to ensure all bacteria are removed.

General Pest Proofing

At Pest-Tech, we offer a range of general proofing services. As rats and mice aren’t the only pests that can cause damage to buildings, we’re skilled in proofing against squirrels, foxes, birds and rabbits.

Furthermore, for commercial contracts, we’ll always advise on how you can reduce your chance of a re-infestation. For example, from our experience, proactively installing a drain gate can stop rat problems from occurring, whereas fixing broken vents can prevent mouse infestations.

Fox proofing

Unfortunately, nothing on the market works to deter foxes from your building. For that reason, we can provide fox-proofing services to ensure they’re unable to gain access to your property once trapped and removed. The law behind fox removal is apparent, and we know that may not be the desired action for most. Therefore, if humane fox removal is not on the cards, we can aim to prevent them from gaining access to your garden using mesh barriers. However, mesh and other proofing methods can be ineffective if a fox is keen to gain access to your home.

Dead Fox Removal

If you have a dead fox in your garden, then there is no service run by the council to carry out a removal. Unfortunately, they will tell you that you have to do it yourself. We understand that this can be a traumatic experience and therefore offer a service where we can come to your house or place of work and remove the fox for you. The fox is removed and then disposed of through a registered carrier.

Rabbit Proofing

We can assist with all rabbit control areas; examples include rabbit-proofing a vegetable plot. For all your rabbit proofing needs, contact Pest-Tech; we can help and advise you but also deal with the rabbit problem.

Professional Rodent Proofing Services

We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in any of our pest-proofing services. No matter if rats, mice, squirrels, rabbits, foxes or birds have infested your building, we can exclude them from ever being able to gain access. Call us on 01622 296055 to learn more about our pest control services in Maidstone.