Proofing Against Rats and Mice

After you have got rid of your pest problem it is always recommended that you block the route of entry so it doesn't happen again.

You should also think about sanitising any areas that have had a large amount of rat activity like the loft or under kitchen kick boards for instance, especially for your own safety.

Key Features About Proofing Against Rodents and Clearance Works

Waste Carrier. All waste that is removed from sites, is taken away by a Registered Waste Carrier.

Proofing Materials. All materials we use for proofing are tough enough to stand up against rodent gnawing.

Drain Survey for rat entry to a building

Pest Proofing.

At Pest-Tech we offer a host of other services within pest control management. A big part of pest management is changing the environment, but we can also manage and deliver clearance work and undertake all manor of pest proofing tasks from individual rooms to complete industrial units as part of the treatment.

At the end of a job, or during and Annual Service Contract, we will always give advice to our customers what could be done to reduce the chance of a re-infestation. This could have been done as part of the job such as fitting a drain gate to stop rat entry from the drains, however it might be something as simple as a broken vent block.

Rodent & Rat Control

Rodent proofing a house or commercial property against rats and mice can be difficult, especially when you are talking about a hole the size of a pencil and that could be at roof line. Even harder is a rat entry point that is happening under the ground so you cant actually see anything. The figure for rats getting into a property from the drains is in the region of 80% which is often also very difficult to detect. When we do our rat survey, if we can get access we will always look in the drain to establish if there is current activity and then we can possibly stop access to the rat before it has even got out the drain system.

As part of our service we will walk round the property to identify any possible routes of entry and make recommendations to the customer. This could be a broken vent block, a gap under a door or a hole in the wall, their may be many routes of entry but we will ensure you are aware of what can be done to stop further infestation in the future. We can do the work for you and give you that option, either way it is important to do the work as both rats and mice will follow a scent which may be the way into your property.

Loft Clearance.

In some cases, if you have had a major rat infestation in a loft space then the stench can be very over powering, not to mention all the droppings and contaminated insulation. We can arrange for your loft to be stripped of all urine stained insulation and the droppings cleared. Its not a nice job to do yourself so we strip and bag all waste and arrange a collection the same day. The area is then disinfected to ensure all bacteria is removed.

Fox Proofing.

Pest-Tech carry out all types of fox proofing, unfortunately their is nothing on the market that work when it comes to deterring a fox and the only methods that do work are to exclude them or remove them. The law is pretty clear when you you look into removal and we understand that it is not the desired method to get them moved on so we can offer proofing methods that will stop them access. This can be something as simple as fitting a mesh barrier around the outside of your shed to stop them getting in. There is lots that can be done to exclude a fox however, by their very nature they will continue to try to get in if they are keen.

Guano Clearance.

More so for the commercial market we carry out guano clearance (bird waste). This is often areas such as above shop signs in unchecked roof voids or even plant rooms and equipment. Bird waste is hazardous to health and needs to be cleaned with safety in mind at all time. the dust particles must not be allowed to fly so we damp it down to make it as safe as possible to remove. If you have a bird guano issue then we would like to help you.

Dead Fox Removal.

If you have a dead fox in your garden then there is no service run by the council to carry out a removal and they will tell you that you have to do it yourself. We understand that this can be a traumatic experience and therefore offer a service in which we can come to your house or place of work and remove the fox for you. The fox is removed and then disposed of through a registered carrier. If this is a service you need or require we can help.

Rabbit Proofing.

We can assist with all areas of rabbit control and this includes rabbit proofing a vegetable plot. for all your rabbit proofing needs we can help and advise you but also deal with control of population.

Other Services.

If any of these services are of help to you or there is something on hear we have missed but you would like to talk about then give us a call. The list is endless however we can certainly help you with your pest proofing needs. No job is to big or small. Contact Us