Rodents (Rat & Mouse) Removal

We are experts in the removal, control and eradication of rodents including Rats & Mice.

Rats & Mice can cause a large amount of damage in a very short amount of time. They are often the cause for power cuts, timber destruction and come with a high health risk as they are carriers for disease.

They are a fire hazard (chewing through electrical wires) in lofts and walls. They also can decimate food storage units and contaminate areas with their droppings.

You will usually find your rodent pest problem during certain times of the year, as the weather can affect their numbers and homes. Usually rats and mice choose to live in fields or outdoors, but with the increase in rain they, like you choose to find more suitable accommodation and food sources, sheds, homes, business premises where it is dry and warm.

If you suspect you have rats or mice, please call Pest-Tech as soon as possible.

Leaving a rodent problem for too long can become more costly to treat, and early phone calls save time and money.