stop birds from nesting under solar panels

How to Stop Birds From Nesting Under Solar Panels

How to stop birds from nesting under solar panels? Solar panels are, generally speaking, a great purchase and investment for your home. They are eco-friendly, will save you a lot of money on your electricity bill… Yeah, they are a wonderful purchase.

But the probability is, that you are likely going to be harassed by stopping birds nesting under the panels. Pigeons and other pests find solar panels the ideal place to nest and set up a home.

This article will help you get rid of those annoying little animals, but also save you money by not investing in methods that don’t work, so you can enjoy a pigeon-free view of your home. There are many methods and items that are sold to resolve this problem and we are going to cover six common methods and considerations when looking to solve this problem.

1. Mesh

Steel mesh is available online and offers a simple, yet very effective solution to your pest problem to stop birds from nesting under solar panels. Although a bit pricier than many other options listed in this article, steel mesh offers you a long-term solution to get rid of the pests. If fitted correctly the mesh will last for years.

The logic behind it is extremely simple: Since birds like to crawl under the solar panels for warmth and safety, blocking an entrance entirely is a simple way to stop birds from nesting under solar panels. This is our preferred method as it denies them access.

2. Spikes

Spikes are a poor method to stop birds from nesting under solar panels. They are a widely available and widely popular solution used for this pest problem. However, if you consider the theory behind how a bird spike is designed to work you will understand that it is destined to fail. The design of a bird spike is to stop pigeons from being able to land onto ledges as they can’t get a foot down without getting a small jab off the spike thus moving them on. However, when fitted to a roof around a solar panel they can land on the roof and then whilst firm and steady on the roof, manipulate the spikes in order to gain access. I have had to strip out so many banks of solar panels of bird spike prior to meshing them. So, in general, it will work to start off with but over a short time, they will be back in under the panels. In general, don’t waste your money on this method and would recommend you discard it. There is a time and a place for bird spikes, and this is not it.

3. Decoy bird

This may be the city’s equivalent of a scarecrow, but it does not make it any less effective. You can install a cheap plastic bird on your roof to prevent pigeons. Normally, predatory birds are much more effective – such as owls, hawks, and eagles, depending on where you live. 

Despite this solution being so cheap, it’s only temporary: Most birds will understand that your decoy is just a fake after a while.

4. Keeping your garden clean

It’s good practice to keep your entire property clean. Not only will this increase the quality of your time spent outdoors, but it will also trouble those flying pests since you have essentially cut off their food supply. Also if you like to feed the birds, consider bird feeders that are pigeon proof

After a while, they will go find another supply of food and they may settle somewhere else.

5. Solar guard

Another strong and effective method to stop birds from nesting under solar panels is a product called the solar guard. You purchase it in 1-meter strips and using an adhesive you stick the guard to the solar panels. You do need to be careful as it can get messy if you use too much adhesive. Some guard is sold in variable heights, and some are adjustable but like products, there are varying costs 

6. Call a pest control company

Most pest control companies will get rid of any bird on your property and also proof your solar panels against the pests – making it the ultimate solution on how to stop birds from nesting under solar panels.

This is normally a wise idea since pest control companies will have access to equipment, experience and knowledge not normally available to most members of the public. Pest Tech is the leading pest control company in Maidstone and surrounding areas, meaning that we can solve your pest problems on short notice, and in a short amount of time. Contact us today.

Other considerations

If you are going to stop birds from nesting under solar panels by yourself then you must consider your safety at all times as working on a roof can be extremely dangerous. Working at height is one of the most common causes of death so if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t have the correct equipment then you really should not be tackling such a serious and dangerous task such as this.

If you plan to fit an item of proofing to a panel then it is recommended that you seek advice. You can negate your warranty for example if you decide to drill self-tapping screws directly into the panel frame to secure the mesh to them. I come across this often when a non-trained worker has had a go at proofing the panels. No matter if they have done a great job if anything goes wrong with the panel you will not be covered because of damage to the panel.

Here to help

Pest-Tech carries out over 100 installs of bird proofing to solar panels each year and is trained and very efficient at carrying out this type of work. We offer a free survey and advice on the process of carrying out the job. We are happy to help anywhere we can to ensure you get the pigeon free solar panels you desire. Get in touch