How much does it cost to bird proof my solar panels

How Much Does It Cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

Costs Encountered to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

How much does it cost to pigeon proof my solar panels is an enquiry we receive on a regular basis. Pigeons nesting under solar panels can cause serious problems. However, our answer is always the same. We can’t just give a price over the phone without coming out and completing a free survey. Therefore, what I hope to achieve from this blog is to give you an estimate of cost. Also how we put a quote together so you have a general idea of pricing. There are a number of factors which can affect the price and I will explain these in more detail.

I know some will ask why I am doing this and that my competitors will see my pricing. That is fine by me as I am trying to be as honest and upfront as possible. If you are going to use one of my competitors then I can only presume I am not a good fit for your job so it is really not going to change a lot by explaining my charges. We offer a free quote and on many occasions, the customer has no idea of the cost to carry out a task such as this. Therefore when I submit a quote, in some instances there is surprise about the cost and the figure they were thinking does not even cover the materials. Therefore a better-informed customer about the price of such a job creates transparency.

Bird Proofing solar panels
Pigeon Proofing Solar panels to stop pigeons from getting in.

Pigeon Proofing Specialist

First of all I will mention we have completed hundreds of these bird proofing tasks. We have other pest control companies that recommend us to their customers. The reason for this is the quality of our work and we are a trusted and professional company operating in our area (Kent). We have hundreds of reviews on our work on a number of platforms to back this up. Finally, we are members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) which is the governing body for Pest Control.

There are companies out there that will be able to do the work cheaper but it comes at a cost. It normally means cutting corners. It could be using materials that are not fit for purpose, in which case you will not know until after they have gone. Or it may be cutting corners on safety. The trouble is you are not going to know so it’s the risk you take. I did a previous blog on the slide below in which I quoted for a job. The customer used another company and they supplied a cheaper quote. It failed and pigeons got in, I returned to replace it. Cheap materials, poorly executed.

Poor workmanship from a competitor. I replaced it.
Before was a rogue trader with a cheap quote. I was called in to replace the poor workmanship as pigeons got in after 6 months.

Material Costs to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

It goes without saying there are some very basic costs that you are never going to get away from. These being materials and labour costs, as you would expect. Obviously, every bank of panels is different. So working on the measurements of a standard panel we can get a perimeter measurement. This is the measurement of the outside of the panels in the format they are fixed. We offer a solar pack that covers up to 30m which is good quality, durable mesh and clips.

More bird proofing materials needed to mesh the perimeter of the solar panels.
An usual layout, due to skylight windows which increased the perimeter. Therefore more materials were needed for this job.

The material costs, in general, are estimated at around £200 which is a good conservative estimate.  Some will say you can get it cheaper but we have been there and used cheap equipment but it is poor substandard quality materials. They don’t last and you really want a good long-lasting product that will stand up to the elements. The steel mesh we use is thick and strong to do the job properly as are the fixings. Thin plastic clips will go brittle and snap in no time at all. If you have several banks of panels or your solar panels are laid out in an obscure layout then this increases the perimeter. It goes without saying if you use more materials the materials cost goes up. This is worked out on the survey/quote.

Labour Costs to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels

Next is the labour cost. We allocate a day to do the job as we never know what problems we are going to encounter .or how easy the access is to do the job. This will be covered in a bit more detail later. The job will be working at height. Therefore, to cover our safe working practices when working at height there will be two people on site. As we detail in the quote the pigeons and nesting material will be removed and then a bespoke mesh barrier fitted to the solar panels. All corners are overlapped and wired together to give it extra strength. We also ensure gutters are flowing freely. Our day rate per man for this type of work is £220 per man. This covers the usual business costs.

Access to Work Safely

The first two costs are easy to deal with in the form of Materials and Labour. Access to the roof to work safely is the reason I want to come out and do an estimate. Firstly I want to meet you, the customer but I also want to risk assess the task. I am looking at the following issues:

  • What the access is like on to the roof?
  • How steep is the pitch of the roof?
  • How close are the panels?
  • Can I safely access the roof with a roof ladder?
  • What anchor points do I have for working off rope and harness?
  • If not safe by rope and harness then is there access for a mobile platform?
  • Is scaffolding required?

The above list could add extra costs to the job. Most of the jobs we complete are completed by rope and harness which is the cheapest method. However some times this is just not safe (See our blog about working on Kent Peg Tiles). Therefore a platform or scaffolding may be required. Once again it is difficult to give an accurate price because of variations of the task.

pigeon proofing solar panels Maidstone.
Scaffolding was used to birdproof solar panels. It was a steep drive so the platform could not be used. The pitch was steep and no anchor points for rope and harness.

Cost of Platform Over Scaffolding

If the panels are on the rear of the property access may be difficult to get a platform around the back of the house. That said the front can be just as difficult. A mobile platform will require space and firm level ground. It’s a balance of what mobile platform is required to identify the cost. A comparison can then be made against the cost of scaffolding. A standard 21m platform would be in the region of £300. Our technicians are IPAF qualified so can operate the platform to keep costs down. I have a very reasonable scaffolder who will come out to quote for scaffolding. in the past his prices have ranged from £250 to £500 depending on what is required.

Pigeon proofing solar panels
A platform is being used to pigeon proof solar panels at the rear of the property. The tiles would not take the weight of a person on them without breaking.

How Much Does It Cost to Pigeon Proof My Solar Panels?

Hopefully this blog has helped to answer the question that no one else wants to. How much does it cost to pigeon proof my solar panels? I can’t give a definite price, however, I hope I have given you all the information that enables you to make an informed choice. To give you an average price scale based on everything discussed above, a conservative range would be £600 to £900. Remember this is an estimate and there are exceptions as mentioned.

We have written a blog on why we bird proof solar panels which may answer any other questions you may have. However, if you want to discuss anything in more detail then you can contact us.