Bee removal homeowners insurance

Is Bee Removal Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Is bee removal covered by homeowners insurance?

A very common question we are asked on a regular basis is, is bee removal covered by homeowners insurance? If you are affected by a bee infestation, you will know it is a common source of confusion.

The consequences of a bee infestation

Despite not being as frowned upon as rodents or flies, bees are pests. Yes, they produce honey and they are amazing for the environment, but let’s not forget they are pests. Their very presence can introduce other infestations such as wax moth to your property.

Pest-Tech emphasises the importance of non-lethal removal of bees, but bees are just as damaging to your property as rats or insects. Honey seepage can cause damage to the building materials such as plaster and the honey will attract sugar feeding insects such as ants.

Bee colonies are a significant health hazard. Keeping this and the risks to your structure in mind it is wise to contact a local pest control company. Also a swarm poses a natural danger to anyone locally. However, this obviously comes with a cost. A cost you are probably wondering if you can delegate to your insurance. Therefore, this leads us to the very, VERY common question, is bee removal covered by homeowners insurance?

In short, the answer is no. The majority of homeowners insurance will not cover the costs of bee removal. Of course, this isn’t a definite answer, and your insurance provider may even make an exception. Bees cause damage over time, meaning that your insurance won’t provide that.

Since bee colonies grow over time, so will the damage to your property. We therefore advise you to immediately involve a pest control company the moment you spot a bee infestation. The damage will increase the longer you wait. What you’ll pay for repair down the road will be significantly higher than the most expensive pest control. The damage could even be so high that it’ll make the property uninsurable until repaired.

No homeowner’s insurance policy would cover honey bee removal

Bee removal isn’t covered by homeowners insurance because insect damage is classified as damage over time – which insurance companies aren’t mandated to pay.

However, not all is lost. If you recognise a bee infestation, there are steps you can immediately take to reduce your costs.

  • What type of bee is infesting your property? Honeybees require a different treatment from bumble bees or wasps.
  • Discover the location of the colony
  • Contact a company that specialises in relocating honeybees, if you identify the pests as honeybees.
  • However, for wasps, hornets or similar, contact your local pest control company, and we will safely remove the insects from your property.


Bee removal isn’t covered by homeowners insurance, but there are alternatives you can look into during bee season. For example, warranties may provide you some limited protection.

The most important aspect, at the end of the day, is your safety, and we will uphold that during the entire process.

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Contact us today to deal with that annoying bee infestation in no time.

Contact us today to deal with that annoying bee infestation in no time.