Pigeons nesting in a ground floor car park | Pest control

Pigeon Control in Car Parks

Pigeons In Covered Car Parks

Pigeons can be a real nuisance in covered car parks. Therefor pigeon control in car parks is a necessity.  Pigeon guano can cause damage to vehicles, cause slip hazards and bird guano is hazardous to health. On top of this pigeons can introduce unwanted infestations such as bird mite or rodents. This can cause problems to residents if it is a ground floor car park of a block of flats.

During this blog will be covering the two main points:

  • Why pigeon control in car parks is required.
  • Methods of controlling pigeons in car parks.

Why is Pigeon Control in Car Parks Required

There are a number of reasons why pigeon control should be considered in car parks and these are as follows:

Vehicle Damage

Pigeon droppings can cause considerable damage to car paintwork as it has Uric Acid in it. Uric Acid is corrosive and can cause damage to the vehicle’s wax coating and paint. Therefor if you manage a car park and you have a bad infestation of pigeons you have a responsibility to do something.

Slip Hazards

Bird droppings or guano can be a slip hazard when on the floor. A car park is normally tight and getting into a car can be a struggle so if you put your weight on one foot as you get in and slip occurs this can be dangerous.

Pigeon control in car parks
nesting pigeon creating a slip hazard on the walk way to the stairs.

Introduction of Unwanted Infestations

Pigeons can introduce all sorts of unwanted infestations from biting insects to rodents such as rats. Bird mite is commonly found in pigeons nests where they feed on the pigeons (blood feed). How ever this can easily spread into living accommodation very easily with the pigeons nesting on the cable carriers. Ground floor car parks  normally have waste pipes and cables coming down from the flats above which have gaps for bird mite to enter.

Bird Mite | Pest control
Bird Mite looking through a microscope.

Rats will also happily take down a pigeon for its food but even easily take a swab (baby pigeon). But when they can’t catch them they will go looking else where for other food sources. This could be the start of a rat infestation. Believe it or not we have dealt with rats gnawing on cables and wires of a car especially if it has a warm engine in cold conditions.

Controlling Pigeons in Car Parks

There is lots that can be done to control pigeons and a lot of money can be spent to detour them from entering a covered car par. Pest-Tech however take a pragmatic approach to bird control and offer a service that will do the job whilst keeping the budget down. The common methods we use for this type of work is netting / mesh, bird spiking and pigeon control (shooting program). We will these in more detail.

Bird spiking for pigeon control | Pest control Tonbridge
Bird spiking to stop pigeons roosting.

Pigeon Control in Car Parks Using Bird Netting

Bird netting is a simple method to stop pigeons getting to an area as it stops access to the pigeons. If it is an area that still need access from time to time then zips can be used in conjunction with the bird net. We secure a SWR to frame work and then a bird net can be attached to the SWR. There is an example below.

Bird net to stop pigeons roosting | Pest Control
Bird netting fixed to a SWR perimeter wire. This will stop pigeons from getting to there roosting place.

Fitting Mesh to Existing Security

All types of mesh can be used to to fit to existing rails if a pigeon problem occurs. There are many types of mesh available to use. As a result, his can be done neatly so it appears as part of the original design as it blends in. It does however need to be impenetrable to pigeons to stop them getting in. below is an example of this method.

pigeon control | pest control
Bird mesh fitted to railings to stop pigeon entry.

Bird Spiking to Control Pigeons

We carry out a lot of this type of work as bird spiking produces good results if used correctly and placed well. It is not always the answer as it is not pleasing to the eye but in areas such as carparks it is a perfect fix. If fixed to possible roosting locations, the bird spike will limit landing points. We have used this method on cable carriers and waste pipes in the past.

Bird Spiking for pigeon roosting points. | Pest control Tonbridge
Bird spikes on the cable runs.

Pigeon Control Using a Pellet Gun

We don’t recommend this method unless you are using a skilled operator who understands the safety implications of pulling the trigger. As an Ex Military Skill at Arms Instructor it is extremely important to know what you are doing, as you can kill or wound other people. You most certainly would not want that on your site. We deliver a number of Pigeon Control Contracts to large car parks such as shopping centers. We have had great success in reducing numbers to a manageable amount. It can be difficult to eradicate using this method as it would require a lot of man hours and we are normally working to a budget, but it dose work as a control.

Pigeon control in a car park | Pest control Tonbridge
Pigeon Control Contract 4 hours every 8 weeks to control pigeons.

If you have a pigeon issue whether its a car park or indeed any type of building then we can certainly help you with some advice and discuss solutions to resolve your problem. visit our Contact Us page or give us a call 07542827121 to have a chat. For other information you can contact the BPCA about law and governance.