How to control pigeons. Pigeon control Maidstone.

How To Control Pigeons

Using Bird Free Gel To Control Pigeons

If you are having problems with pigeons roosting or nesting on your building or structure, you may need some form of pigeon control. Understanding birds behaviour and being able to identify their habits is key to controlling pigeons in the urban environment. There are many  different methods of bird control and this blog is to inform you about Bird Free Gel.

Bird Free Gel, used to control pigeons
Optical Gel, smells bad and the pigeons don’t like it.

How To Control Pigeons And The Hazards

We have mentioned before the perils of having pigeons nesting or roosting on your building. Bird waste is hazardous to health and should be avoided. The noise that pigeons make can start early in the morning which can wake the house up. The pigeons create all sorts of bad smells which is not nice. Pigeons can introduce other insect infestations such as bird mite.

Bird waste removal in Maidstone
Bird guano carries pheromone which attracts pigeons.

Methods of Pigeon Control

There are a number of techniques used to control pigeons. This could be by denying access such as bird netting or by reducing the surface area for them to land by using spikes. Pigeon deterrents are another way to move pigeons on, the only problem is they soon realise its harmless. The product Bird Free Gel is an aesthetically good method pigeon control, and may be used to stop pigeons from roosting or nesting on buildings.

Bird Spiking for pigeon control in car parks. | Pest control Tonbridge
Bird spikes on the cable runs.

Bird Survey

It is important to establish if the site from which pigeons are to be excluded is a day roost, a night roost or a nesting site. This is also known as lite pressure, medium pressure or heavy pressure. Many day roosts are vantage points from which pigeons scout for food. Many bird control surveys will involve sites with long standing nests / night roosts. Nests are normally found in enclosed spaces which offer shelter and safety from predators.

An unwanted pigeon nesting in a building
nesting pigeon creating a slip hazard on the walk way to the stairs.

How Bird Free Gel Works

Bird Free Gel gives off ultra-violet light, appearing as flames. The visual deterrent is further enforced by natural oils’ smell and taste, which is repulsive to the birds. With these properties all working together, it will be enough to move the pigeons on. There are however some key points to follow when using this product. The site needs to be thoroughly cleaned of all bird waste. Bird waste or guano as its known carries pheromones’ that will naturally attract pigeons back to the site.  Also depending on the pigeon activity the spacing of the bird free gel is key.

Bird Free Gel used for pigeon control.
Well spaced Bird Free Gel , effective pigeon control.

Cleaning Bird Waste

It is essential to clean areas of all faeces, nests and other debris prior to installing Bird Free Gel. Bird waste has hazadous properties, therefore, there are some safety points that should be remembered. Whilst cleaning contact must be kept to a minimum. The use of overalls, gloves must be used. The area must be sprayed to suppress dust particles and a face mask is essential. pigeon guan removal is dangerous and should only be done by a professional

Pigeons making a mess with their guano.
Bird Guano is hazardous to health.

Bird Free Gel is a great undetectable method of bird proofing a building or structure. It is authorised for use in the UK by the Health & Safety Executive. If you need to bird proof an area then Pest-Tech is able to help you with your project. We can carry out a survey and give you advice on what can be done.